What is a hernia?

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Hernia is derived from the Latin for "rupture" and is the protrusion of an organ or part of an organ or other structure tough the wall of the cavity normally containing it.

Sir Percivall Pott, described hernias in 1756 as:

"The disease which makes the subject of the following tract, is one in which mankind are, on many acounts, much interested. No age, sex, rank, or condition of life, is exempted from it; the rich, the poor, the lazy,and the laborious, are equally liable to it; it produces certain inconvenience to all who are afflicted by it...

It sometimes puts the life of the patient in such hazard, as to require one of the most delicate operations in surgery; and it has in all times, from the most ancient down to the present, rendered those who labor under it subject to the most iniquitous frauds and impositions."

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Surgical Hernia Belt: The Truss

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