Treatment Options

All hernias should be surgically corrected to remove the risk of incarceration and strangulation. If there are compelling co-morbid medical conditions that preclude surgery, then a truss, or support hernia belt may be employed. A truss does not repair the hernia defect, but will afford some relief of symptoms.

Modern methods of repair include open primary closure of the defect with sutures (Shouldice or "Canadian" Repair, Bassini Repair); patch closure with prosthetic materials (Polypropylene or Gortex), and laparoscopic repair.

My personal choice is the mesh tension-free (Lichtenstein-type) hernia repair. This technique combines efficacy (low recurrence rate) with patient safety and comfort.

Hernia repairs at The NYU Medical Center are performed in our modern out-patient ambulatory Day Surgery Center on the east side of Manhattan, under regional or general anesthesia.

Repairs of hernias from antiquity:

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