Spigelian Hernia

  • Spontaneous lateral ventral hernia below the umbilicus and lateral to the rectus muscle, at junction of vertical semilunar line and horizontal semicircular line
  • 90% located 0 - 6 cm above anterior superior iliac spine (Spigelian belt of Spagel)
  • Named for Adrian vander Spieghel: Flemish anatomist, (1578 - 1625)
  • Characteristics:
        - median age = 50 years
        - more common in males than females
        - more common on right side than left side
  • Rx: facial closure

    Plain Abdominal x-ray showing intestinal obstruction in a patient with a Spigelian Hernia

    CAT Scan of abdomen demonstrating an incarcerated Left Spigelian Hernia. Note air above fascia on patient's left.
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