Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The surgical procedure is performed as an outpatient in our Ambulatory Day Surgery Unit on the 10th floor of Tisch Hospital, 550 First Avenue.

Approximately one week prior to the date of surgery, you will go to the Pre-Surgical Testing facility for a routine evaluation. You will have the opportunity to speak with a nurse regarding details of the procedure.

Anesthesia for the hernia repair can be a general anesthetic or a regional epidural block. You will have the opportunity to speak to the anesthesiologist before the procedure to ask any questions regarding your anesthesia.

Do not have anything to eat or drink beginning the midnight before the surgery.

You should report to the 10th Floor of Tisch Hospital one-hour before your scheduled time of operation.

You will remain in the Recovery Room until fully emerged from anesthesia. An escort will be needed to take you home when you are discharged from the Day Surgery Unit.

After the surgery there will be a variable degree of swelling and discoloration at the operative site. Occasionally the black and blue coloration may involve the scrotum or the penis. This will fade rapidly and should not be a cause of concern.

There will be a prescription for pain medicine that you can fill in the hospital or any outside pharmacy. Use the medication every four hours as needed. A common side effect of the narcotic analgesic is constipation; you may use prune juice and/or Milk of Magnesia as needed.

You may begin to take any ongoing medications the day following surgery.

The incision will be covered with a waterproof dressing. You may bathe or shower starting the day after surgery. Do not remove the dressing; simply dry the area after it gets wet. If the dressing becomes soaked through or you are concerned about a bloody discharge on the dressing, do not hesitate to call the office.

Call the office at (212) 263-7302 for an appointment to see me for suture removal. Sutures are usually removed 7 - 10 days after surgery.

You are not to be home bound or bed-bound after the surgery. A moderate level of activity is to be encouraged to speed the healing process. The only restriction on your activities will be heavy lifting. Do not lift more then 10-15 pounds for four weeks after the repair.

You may use a treadmill, stationary bicycle, and swim to a degree dictated by your comfort level. If you experience increased pain in the operative site, reduce your exercise regime.

There are no restrictions on sexual activity.

Return to your normal diet beginning the evening of surgery. Nausea is not uncommon up to 24 hours post anesthesia. Reduce your solid food intake and drink plenty of fluids and the nausea will subside.



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